What is Drag University?

Drag University is the answer to every all-inclusive* girl’s conundrum of ‘I want to be a drag queen; I just don’t know how — or where to start.


Drag University is the world’s first (and only) virtual drag classroom designed with female-identified drag queens (and I-dream-of-being-a-drag-queen) in mind. A self-study video course spread out in 5 chapters, Drag University covers topics like Persona/Character Creation, Labels/Identifiers (and how to choose the right one), Costume Creation, Mug Beating, and Wigs, and So. Much. More.

It’s me (Brandi Amara Skyy) and you diving deep into your biggest questions, needs, and wants like: 

* Being accepted — both by your local drag community & your family
* Painting a fierce mug — contouring (cheeks, nose), eyebrow coverage, and finding your signature drag look
* Wigs — how to style & take care of them
* Becoming a better performer — creating your performance, song choice, & what to actually do onstage
* Connecting with the audience & them getting what you do
* Balancing your day job with your drag
* And the biggest thing that NO ONE in our community talks about … Money — how to make it, what to or “OMG! DO I EVEN” charge?!?!, being fierce on a budget, and what you should be investing in to make those coins go further

All in the privacy of your own personal drag lab — your home.

If you’ve ever looked at a drag queen and said, “I want to do that” or wondered how YOU could channel your inner queen (and bring her to life) this royal experience is for you.

Drag University launches July 16, 2018.  Sashay onto the waitlist to get exclusive access to the class BEFORE it goes public.

You can learn more about your mentor, Brandi Amara Skyy, here.
*ALL WOMEN, FEMALE-IDENTIFIED, NON-BINARY HUMANS ARE WELCOMED AND CELEBRATED HERE! Drag University’s only requirement is that you love drag and are ready to grow as a performer.